One Trip Grip Bag Holders

Orange Bag HoldersThere are simple concepts in life that make daily chores that much easier. What makes things better is when these simple concepts cost less than three venti frappucino’s at Starbucks.

This is one of those great items.

[from Whatever Works product page]

Don’t struggle with multiple shopping bags-let the One Grip Bag Holder do the heavy lifting. Also great for transporting paint cans, work pails, and other heavy, awkward items up to 50 lbs. Press the thumb tab to open and slip the handles onto the grip-locks securely. Super-strong ABS plastic with soft, comfortable grip.

Set of 2

What this means to you: Your ability to spend $12.99 might save you from rendering your hand “The Claw” after all those times you insist on taking all the grocery bags from the car in one trip. You’re a guy… we know you do it. (orange)

Cost $12.99 @ Whatever Works

Via Uber Review]