Arbor Element Alt Snowboard

April 10, 2007 Sports and Outdoors : Sports By

Arbot Element AltThe Element ALT is a new, alternative bamboo top version of the Element. A technically advanced all-mountain board, this board readily transitions from one terrain, snow condition, or riding style to another. Exceedingly lively, the ALT freely initiates into any turn or spin, holding a tight edge at speed and in transition.

  • Light bamboo topsheet delivers strength, flexibility, and improved performance, plus Zen flavor
  • Resin locks dense wood fibers into place, creating a structural layer that makes the board stronger and more responsive
  • Directional shape; balanced design provides versatility for the true ride-it-all experience
  • Sidewall ISO 2000 construction delivers lasting durability and improved edge control
  • Progressive triple radius sidecut provides speed and landing stability, with improved turn/spin initiation
  • Full-length wood core creates long-lasting energy and camber retention, while generating a smooth, even flex
  • Sintered base, an advanced UHMW sintered compound, provides unmatched durability, wax absorption, and speed
  • Gallium-indium additive in base material helps eliminate static electricity to further increase speed and acceleration in all kinds of snow
  • StrucTurn base finish creates a smoother, more effective riding surface, significantly increasing turn-ability and acceleration
  • Carbon fiber strut inlayed down center of board livens up longitudinal board flex
  • Quadraxial fiberglass improves edge control and stability
  • Added Durafilm high gloss nylon layer protects wood and bamboo topsheets
  • Includes 2 x 4 14-pack inserts
  • Like all Arbor snowboards, the Element ALT is created using alternative materials from the natural world, delivering on Arbor’s environmentally-friendly mission

What this means to you: An eco-friendly slope-thrashing high-technology board that’s sure to garner you some style points on the way.

Cost: $499.99 @ Eastern Mountain Sports