U.S. Coast Guard Approved Two-Way Radio Life Vest

Two Way Radio Life Vest[via Oh Gizmo!]

The U.S. Coast Guard approved Two-Way Radio life Vest comes with dual, 14-channel two-way radios, one integrated into the chest of the life vest and another for use on a boat or on shore, allowing instant communication from water skier to boat, or ship to shore from up to 1.8 miles away.

Made from neoprene, the same material used in professional scuba diving wetsuits for its elasticity and durability, while the 100% PVC foam interior is segmented and beveled, allowing ease of maneuverability while swimming.

The Two-way radios have large talk buttons and LCDs for ease of use, remain waterpr oof up to 3′, and have audible low-battery alerts.

What this means to you: Pretty smooth looking and particularly handy when you hit the water wakeboarding and your slightly intoxicated boat companions don’t take the time to look back.

Cost: $129.95 @ Hammacher Schlemmer