Polizei 144 Patrol Jacket

Polizei 144 Flourescent Orange JacketAll-weather jacket with reflective stripes and removable lining, as worn on the Gumball and Bullrun events.

About Polizei 144:

Polizei 144, founded by extreme rallysport champion Alexander Roy, features eye-catching and stylish leather racing jackets for men and women. The jackets, which are inspired by new and vintage police uniforms from around the world, bear various European country emblems and distinctive police-style emblems.

What this means to you: For under 6 hundred dollars you’re not going to get the chiseled looks of this guy, but if you’re brave and you’ve got confidence then you can pull this euro-look off next time you ride out the Gumball Run.

Cost: $550 @ Polizei 144