The Floppy – Practice Golf Ball

Floppy Golf BallThe Floppy is a soft skinned golf ball designed for use indoors. The unique design of The Floppy mimics the feel and action of a real golf ball. The softness allows you to practice your game indoors.

Born from a simple idea one rainy day, The Floppy™ was developed to aid the golfer in the practice of their short game.

The Floppy™ is a soft and pliable ball with a woven cover. The unique materials and design of The Floppy™ help mimic the feel and action of an actual golf ball while the softness allows practice indoors.

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Cost: $10 per pack (limited time) @ Floppy

The Floppy Helps engrain the proper muscle memory.

Whether you want to practice your game at the office, or your family room. The Floppy™ will give you the same feel and feedback of a normal golf ball without the fear of damaging your property. Designed for the short game The Floppy™ works wonders with your wedges.

Now you can have the the freedom to practice your golf game when ever and where ever you like.

The unique Patent Pending design of The Floppy™gives the golfer fantastic and realistic feedback. Because The Floppy™ feels, rolls and spins like a golf ball it helps build muscle memory and engrain the proper swing. Now you can work on your touch and timing and perfect your short game indoors anytime.

Try The Floppy™ and you’ll will be amazed at how much fun you will have practicing your game whenever and wherever you want.

And yes The Floppy™ will lower your scores!

Floppy Golf Ball

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