Visol VTR Leather / Stainless steel Bar Travel Set

April 26, 2007 Culture By

Visol Travel Leather Stainless Steel Bar Travel Set

Who doesn’t love a icy vodka tonic on the rocks after a hard day at the office. Or taking back a Modern Aviation one sip at a time with nothing more than a good book in your left hand and a drink in your right. Well, what’s worse than having neither when you’re on the road? Pack in the Visol Stainless Steel Travel Bar Set and you’ll never be without.


  • Genuine Black Leather Case
  • (Two) High grade stainless steel flasks
  • Includes 2 (two) telescopic shot cups, tong and a stirrer.
  • Engraving Offered
  • 150mm x 83mm x 90mm

Cost: $50 @ eLighters