Cuisinart Brick Oven

Cuisinart Brick Oven

It’s 6pm and you realize there’s only some tomato sauce, a little bacon, some shredded cheese and loaf of bread sitting in your vacant fridge.
Those aren’t the makings of a fine pizza, but you’ll still make one hell of a good meal with the Cuisinart Brick Oven. It combines high-efficiency and old world cooking using a ceramic-walled chamber and convection heating to distribute heat evenly throughout.


  • .9 cubic ft. capacity
  • 200-500 degree range, plus Broil
  • Non stick surfaces
  • Includes two wire backing racks and slide out crumb tray

What this means to you: That crackling golden crust, succulent roasted chicken are only a turn of the knob away. Trust us when we say your next meal will impress, even if it is just yourself.

Cost: $249 @ Williams Sonoma