J.Lindeberg Dressed Wool Tie

J.Lindeberg Skinny Wool TieEvery men’s wardrobe arsenal should be equipped with a black tie, a skinny tie if you’re a braver dresser. They pull a bit of chic, a bit of beek and a bit of attitude that makes them unique altogether.

The J. Lindeberg wool tie will take you through the seasons, you can throw it with a modern slim cut suit, a deep v-neck sweater, lightweight gray jacket or even loose shorts. This tail of this tie is 100% silk, and 100% wool otherwise. It’s made where god intended these things to be made, Italy.

What this means to you: Look at this guy to the right. All he’s got on is a well fitted white shirt, slim black trousers, a pair of black boots, and a skinny black tie. Besides his ridiculously red lips, probably looks just as mod as John Lennon.

Cost: $99 @ SStyle.com