Prince O3 Speedport

Prince O3 Speedport

This racket is all about effortless power and control. Its lightweight aerodynamic design and cushion grip handle help players with moderate to full strokes hit their best shots. We’ve used the Silver and Blue O3 Speedports and can say that the Red is far easier for the moderate speed strokes most of us swing.


  • Power Level: 1100
  • Length: 27.25
  • Headsize: MP+, 105 sq in
  • Flex: Firm
  • Cross Section: 23-25-23mm
  • Weight: 9.9oz./280g unstrung
  • Balance: 13.2in/33.5cm, Head Light
  • Grip: DuraPro+

What this means to you: Let aerodynamics assist you in the dignified thrashing of your opponent.

Cost: $250 @ Golfsmith