Saville Row Prince of Wales Check Shirt and Silk Tie

Saville Row Shirt and Tie ComboWe know how tough it is for you to give up blue. If you just find yourself impossibly tied to the color at least get yourself a pattern in there. The ‘Prince of Wales Check’ is a favorite in Britain and you can’t go wrong with it.

This particular shirt is a refreshing twist on the classic pattern with just enough character to get you through the workday… and evening plans.

Saville Row shirts are British tailored in 100% cotton, have a breast pocket, and collar and cuff sizing options as any good clothier should.

What this means to you: The fantastic price won’t set you back a paycheck, even if it is coming straight from London – exchange rate be damned.

Cost: Shirt, $45. Tie, $35 @ Saville Row Company London