Seiko Sportura World Timer Chronograph

Seiko Sportura World Timer ChronographWe feature a lot of watches and admittedly many of them cost a sizable amount. That isn’t about to change, but there are fine choices out there that don’t require nearly the same investment. Seiko is one of our favorite timepiece manufacturers (this author has two) – and the Sportura World Timer series is one of their best. Oh, and it had orange detailing.


  • Chronograph
  • World Time
  • Digital readout for city name, time difference, daylight savings time adjustment, time transfer function
  • Hourly time signal
  • Fully automatic auto adjusting calendar including leap years through 2050.
  • Screwdown caseback
  • Sapphire crystal TICN bezel

What this means to you: A watch is a lifetime investment, but that doesn’t mean you need to invest a lifetime’s worth of money.

Cost: $350 @