NIVEA For Men Energizing Hydro Gel

NIVEA Hydro Energizing GelMonday mornings, mid-afternoon slumps, post-work events. Sometimes a little extra boost of energy is necessary to get through the day. Luckily, understands that sometimes men may need a little extra jolt and has created a moisturizer specially designed to help energize their skin any time, any where.

The gel is a light, quick absorbing moisturizing formula that instantly refreshes the skin while delivering a cool burst of energy. Specially formulated with Mint Extracts, Magnesium and Taurine (like Red Bull).

GP CertifiedWhat this means to you: Keep a bottle close by, at your desk or in your car, for a quick boost. This writer can attest how much easier it makes the long summer days go by, especially after a long day at work.

Cost: $7 @