Wall Gear Clock

Wall Gear Clock Contemporary HeavenClocks are one of those interesting items that’s easy to overlook when it comes to style and presence but it shouldn’t be. Those that come to appreciate a good timepiece realize that there’s an interesting mix of form and function in a clock. The Wall Gear Clock is just that… The folks at Contemporary Heaven have created:

“A fascinating and novel wall clock which is brand new to the market place, the gears all spin around slowly and quietly creating a very eye catching unique clock and at over 56cm wide makes a real centre piece in any room. The clock is ideal for the modern home where something a bit different is required. The construction is high quality black plastic with some metal components.”

What this means to you: Throw away that thing your parents got you from Bed, Bath and Beyond and replace it with this. Time never looked so good.

Cost: ~$149 (£75) @ Contemporary Heaven