Lab Series Triple Benefit Post Shave Remedy

Lab Series Triple Benefit Post Shave RemedyThese days the ability for a man to pull off a five o’clock shadow is just as important as his biceps. That doesn’t mean your face should look like it’s been treated to an acne-fest though. Lab Series breakthrough gel treatment formula delivers three benefits in one:

  • Helps to relieve and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Helps soothe and prevent irritation associated with razor bumps.
  • Softens and refines beard hair after only 4 weeks of use, for easier, less frequent shaves.
  • Helps delay the appearance of five o’clock shadow.
  • Absorbs quickly, leaves skin soothed, refreshed and comfortable.

What this means to you: Get your mug in order – women want rugged, not rough. Remember, grooming is more than just your face so take sure and check out the other grooming products we’ve covered on GP.

Cost: $25 @ Lab Series