MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro HD [New Release]

MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro HD

Apple has finally hopped on board the LED revolution and released two new versions of the venerable MacBook Pro. The LED backlit displays yield up-to-an hour’s worth of battery life and the new Santa Rosa Intel processors will keep you cruising along about 50% faster than the original MacBook Pro. Equipped with 2GB of memory, up-to 256MB nVidea graphics card, and a myriad of connectivity options including Bluetooth, the MacBook Pro is a mobile power users dream come true. Of course, if you’re not a poweruser, the MacBooks new release proves a viable option, plus their available in black.

What this means to you: The resolution on the 17″ MacBook Pro HD will cause you joyous anguish and this particular writer just pulled the trigger on the outstanding 15″ MacBook Pro. An idea he suggests you follow. The fact that the Mac’s can run Windows now should leave you with no hesitation.

Cost: $1,999 (starting) @ Apple