Gear Patrol Salute – Dad (Gift Guide)

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Gear Patrol is a site for men. That’s undeniable. What we talk about on this blog is for men in general, sons and father’s alike, but once a year a day comes around when we take the time to salute the Dad’s of the world. Sit back, read our gift guide and finally get him a gift this year he’s going to actually like.

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Canon HV20 CamcorderTECHNOPHILE DAD – Canon HV20 HD Camcorder

By now every man on earth has or is planning to get an HDTV. Upgrade your father’s home videos to the same echelon with the Canon HV20 HD Camcorder. It’s got a 10x optical zoom, 2.96mp still sensor, and Canon’s meticulous detail and color. Even better it has the 24p cinema mode to get a film-like look to those miserably long videos he insists on taking.

What this means to dad: His family in high definition. Imperfections and all.

Cost: $1040 @ J&R

Platinum Prestige 30 piece Grilling Set
SUBURBAN DAD – Platinum Prestige 30-pc. Grilling Set With Case
For the dad that loves his grill about as much as his firstborn, this 30 pieces grilling set is bound to give him the ultimate grilling experience. It includes tongs, basting brush, grill brush, kabob skewers, corn skewers, knife, fork and spatula and made of stainless steel. They’ve even packed in tow extra grill brush heads for the inevitable cleaning ’bout.

What this means to dad: Son, get the steaks, we’re grilling… together.

Cost: $80 @ Target

Death By PowerpointURBAN DAD – “Death By Powerpoint”

Powerpoint, the fantastic tool that it is, is also the bane of many men’s existences. Whether it’s on the receiving or presenting side, the necessary evil is also a representation of the modern day office. Michael Flocker’s hilarious account of it is well written in this book. It won’t set any new precedents for literary accomplishments, but it gave this writer a fantastic laugh. Share that with your dad.

What this means to dad: 10 hours of laughter and office prank ideas for $10. Impressive son, very impressive.

Cost: $10 @ Amazon

Hommage Monaco Shave KitMETRO DAD – Hommage Monaco Groom Center

There’s never been a better time for men, especially those that are well groomed. The HOMMAGE Monaco Groom Center combines combines the Monaco Razor and Monaco Brush and Stand into a single unit. Unique to HOMMAGE Groom Centers, the razor and brush are magnetically attached to the stand, allowing for safer, easier single-handed removal. With its rubber sole plate and perfect weighting, the stand doesn’t tip over when the razor or brush is removed. All Monaco Groom Center components are honed to perfection and finished with a durable, high-gloss chrome coating.

What this means to dad: Son, I can’t help if it your girl friends have a crush on me.

Cost: $450 @ OnTheFly

SpyderCo ByrdRenchFORMER SPECIAL OPS DAD – SpyderCo ByrdRench

The ByrdRench from SpyderCo has been featured here on Gear Patrol before and we’re bringing it back because it’s that great. Share this fantastic multi-tool with the dad who’s weekend plans involve base jumping, rock climbing or watching Man Vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel.

What this means to dad: This will be perfect for my next Silk Road excursion, by foot.

Cost: $99 @ SpyderCo