Gear Patrol Salute – Independence Day

fireworks_nyc.jpgWhether you spend the day watching Transformers, grilling steaks to delicious perfection or just kicking it back with a beer in one hand and a gorgeous companion in the other it’s important to realize that 231 years ago this country liberated itself from the throes of colonization. It’s also to important to know that those colonies would later go on to be states and eventually form the United States of America; spreading our brands, fast food, painfully gorgeous women, and much envied lifestyle across the world.

It’s also important to give a shout to our fellow men overseas who are missing the chance at that pool side brat and beer. This ones for you gents.

It’s also important to know that this day is one of the few where everyone can revel in things blowing up in the air – we sure plan to.

– The GP Team