Ironman Segmental Body Monitor

ironman_bodyscale.jpgYour training shouldn’t go unmonitored, especially if you’re looking for accurate rehabilitation or focused workouts. The BC558 Segmental Body Composition Monitor is a completely unique product giving your individual readings for each body segment (trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg). The monitor achieves this thru retractable handgrip electrodes along with feet electrotes.

Monitors: Weight, Full body fat %, Segmental body fat %, Total body water %, Full muscle mass, Muscle mass per body segment, Physique rating, Basal metabolic rate, Metabolic age, Bone mass, Visceral fat.

Features: Clock & Calendar, Backlit buttons, Guest mode, Weight only button, Graph function for all monitoring measurements

What this means to you: Total training requires total monitoring.

Cost: $299 @ The Competitive Edge