Osprey V-22 Tiltrotor


The Osprey V22 from Boeing may be one of the most incredible looking and functioning aircrafts you never come in contact with. Its ability to function like a heavy-duty turboprop at high-speeds and high altitudes, then tilt its nacale Rolls-Royce Allison turbshafts to land and hover like a helicopter, then fold its wings back into itself to ship and store makes it a modern day transformer.

Then again, it might be about as rare as an actual transformer as there are only three in the US Air Force fleet (having cost more than 30 billion dollars to develop). Interestingly enough, two of three can be seen in first sequence of the Transformers movie.

  • Max Speed: 316 mph
  • Range: 1011 miles
  • Rate of Climb: 2,320 ft per minute
  • Horsepower: 6,150 hp, each engine

What this means to the armed forces: It’s rapid self-deployment will make it the only vertical platform able to reach any worldwide operation. Basically, now that they can actually make it – they’re going to.

Cost: ~$1.1 Billion (each) @ Boeing