Ice Jacket

icejacket.jpgIt’s no secret that the white alcohols are oft best served chilled. Vodka, Gin, all on the rocks. But what’s to say that they can’t be served ‘in’ the rocks?

Enter the Ice Jacket. A device that keeps alco-bevs a chilly temp by encasing them in ice. It’s simple – Pick your drink and place it in the ice jacket, fill it with water, freeze and remove. Your bottle will exit encapsuled in an impressive and functional translucent case of ice. It’s sure to cause conversation at your next party when you serve and pour.

The genius of the bottle is how it won’t cause a mess as the alcohol itself will retain the sub 20 degree F temperatures keeping the ice intact through the evening.

Handles up to 750ml bottles.

What this means to you: Sometimes things are best served ice cold.

Cost: $39 @ Ice Jacket