Metrokane L-Press Juicer

metrokane_lpress.jpgThe idea of juicers sounds like more of a pain than it’s worth, but have you ever had fresh squeezed orange juice? It’s outstanding. The L-Press’ brings on an entirely new look and style to the citrus juicer with it’s appropriately named L-shape juicer.

Just get yourself some nice oranges, chill them in the fridge for a while, bust them out and squeeze away. Oh, and if you’ve got a special significant other / wife / girlfriend / (ahem) houseguest waking up by your side the next morning than this will be sure to alleviate some of that inevitable morning silence.

  • First new manual juicer design in more than a decade
  • Named for its distinctive L-shaped profile
  • “Metal-Flex” design presses more juice with less effort
  • Curved body of hardened steel reinforced with die-cast aluminum
  • Powerful rack-and-pinion gear system
  • Lever handle turns in 500-degree arc, creates up to a thousand pounds of leverage
  • 25-ounce stainless pouring pitcher included

What this means to you: We don’t care what brand you buy at the store… this is better.

Cost: $100 @ Metrokane