Sony Net Sharing Camcorder


It’s rare something comes along from Sony we can’t find some reason to like. Even more rare are the products from Sony that impress us with valued pricing.

The Net Sharing Camcorder (terribly yet appropriately named) will capture all your interesting-to-you-and-maybe-others video and photos in a sleek little device enabled to make transferring your video to the internet with incredible ease.

It’s equipped with a 2.4″ lcd screen, 4x digital zoom, a lithium-ion battery, 5mp still image capturing, and up to 6 hours of 320×240 video (not so coincidentally sized exactly for YouTube specifications).

What this means to you: They say you should never video tape what you don’t want people to see. This is designed to do just the opposite. Internet fame awaits you…

Cost: Pre-order for $200 @ Sony Style