Sea-Doo Seascooter Explorer

seadoo_explorer.jpgThe idea of scuba diving around underwater passing coral reefs and other exotic life is appealing. The idea of scuba diving without any effort is even more appealing.

The new underwater scooter from Sea-Doo is a compact and lightweight dive propulsion vehicle from powered by a rechargeable battery. It is pre-set with three speeds that you can adjust depending on your conditions, and an all new top-speed of 3.3 mph (much faster than you’d think underwater). It is rated to a depth of 160 feet and weighs just 32 lbs including the battery. For your safety, it has improved water leakage protection, low battery voltage protection and high-temp cutoff with auto shut-off function. A carrying bag is also included.

What this means to you: Swimming, Snorkling, Diving… effort free, like James Bond himself.

Cost: $689 @ Scooter Motion