Hugo by Hugo Boss

hugoboss_hugo.jpgThere’s a familiar note to Hugo, and if you’re thinking it reminds you of sitting on a rocky Northern coast between a rich forest and a crashing surfline you’re spot-on with the scent of Hugo. The multi-dimensional fragrance is perfect for daytime life with it’s moderate and casual citrus scent.

Have you ever wondered why it is that good fragrances list off their ingredients? It’s because you probably know several things your lady(ies) enjoy smelling and should buy accordingly. Hugo is comprised of: green apple, pine needles, spearmint, cedar leaves, jasmine, lavender, sage, and clove buds.

What this means to you: Gentlemen, unless you’re one of the lucky few – you’re natural aroma probably doesn’t conjure up the aforementioned ingredients. Take a step and be rewarded. Smell well, live well.

Cost: $55 @ Sephora

Free sample @ Hugo Fragrances (limited time offer).