300.jpgUndoubtedly you’ve heard of 300, the ab-laden man candy movie that men still want to watch twice. It’s a special effects masterpiece with just a touch of heart and endless reasons to inspire more training at the gym.

If not, here’s a synopsis: An army of 300 Spartans faces insurmountable odds against the massive Persian troops in this blockbuster account of an ancient Greek battle. Add this stunning visual tale of combat, bloodshed and sacrifice to your action movie collection.

This film is being offered in basically every digital format available, make sure you get the one to show off your new home theater gear. It will stun, but not as much as the abdominal muscles.

What this means to you: “Eat a hearty meal, because tonight we dine in hell!”

Cost: HD-DVD $34.99 | Blu-Ray $29.99 | Special Edition DVD $22.99 @ Best Buy