Oliver Peoples Strummer


Most aren’t blessed with the classic bone structure of Italians and other Southern European countries. That’s just a fact of life. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that many eyewear designers design around this particular look leaving the rest of us out to dry when it comes to well-fitted good looking sunglasses.

Enter Oliver Peoples. Designed with a much more international wearer in mind, the Larry Leight helmed eyewear company brings on retro inspired looks with modern technology and design. This writer recommends you take a look at the Strummer sunglasses, a semi-rimless aviator style with metal front, beta titanium temples, and VFX produced lenses. The lenses are a 6 base curve, perfect for this particular writer’s face structure. He knows this because he owns them.

What this means to you: Incredible looking sunglasses for those of us that don’t look like Mathias Lauridsen.

Cost: $315 @ Oliver Peoples