Vanilla Bicycle – Orange Touring


There’s craftsmanship then there’s craftsmanship. Then there’s Vanilla Bicycles. With base frames starting at $2150 this is no cheap endeavor but you’re buying far more than just a bicycle.

The wait time for a Vanilla Bicycle as of February 2007 is 4 years. By then you could probably learn the trade of making a bike, but you still wouldn’t have a Vanilla. The dizzying array of custom options alone will have you drooling. Materials such as hand polished Henry James Lugs, silver bonding, Reynolds 531 tubing make up your personalized rolling art, especially the Orange Touring pictured here.

Their custom manufacturing process is done after a preferred meeting in person, fitting and a deposit. From there the art begins. Custom frame building, custom painting, and custom outfitting. This is a bike that will be with you for life.

What this means to you: Absolutely nothing vanilla about a Vanilla Bike. Welcome back craftsmanship.

Cost: $2150+ @ Vanilla Bicycles