Calphalon Katana

calphalon_katana.jpgWhen it comes to steel cooking knives, the Germans and Japanese know their stuff. No shortage of good knives come from either of these countries but along with quality comes price. The Calphalon Katana knife set is a well priced set housed in a bamboo knife block which includes:

  • 3.5 inch paring knife
  • 5 inch Santoku
  • 5.5 inch serrated utility knife
  • 6 inch utility knife
  • 8 inch chef’s knife
  • Kitchen shears
  • Diamon Steel Sharpener

The Japanese steel is actually a higher grade steel (signified by it’s wavy textured look) that will most likely outlast any cooking you plan to do, or not.

What this means to you: Don’t buy these because they’ll look impressive in your kitchen. If you’re planning to do that then send it someone else’s way. These knives are too good not to be slicing, dicing, parring and chopping with.

Cost: $300 @