Motorola RAZR 2

motorola_razr2.jpgThe iconic RAZR is back with an all new metal and glass design that is actually smaller than the previous RAZR. It features

  • Incredible QVGA screen (two screens actually)
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • CrystalTalk active sound-quality management
  • Opera web browser
  • Built in E-mail (free)
  • Bluetooth

There’s no denying the lustworthiness of the phone and with it being offered on every major carrier in the US it’s ubiquitousness is inevitable. If you’re savvy on being an early adopter no doubt this phone is in your radar.

What this means to you: Bustling technology, lusty design, impossibly thin.

Cost: $449 @ ImportGSM

You may also find this phone for markedly less through your service provider with contract activation.