Ambient Umbrella

ambient_umbrella.jpgIf it’s going to rain the first thing you look for is your umbrella. The problem is you often don’t know when it is going to rain so why not have your umbrella tell you when you need it?

The Ambient Umbrella from Ambient technologies does just that. It’s handle is equipped with a wireless data-radio that receives data and pulses whenever rain, light snow, drizzle or thunderstorms are in the forecast.

It requires zero setup or anything to intrude with the simple genius of an umbrella and uses ‘gust-buster’ canopy which prevents your newly found rain-stopping gadget from turning inside out.

What this means to you: Don’t be the poor saps who just bought a $5 umbrella because they didn’t know about the rain. It’s also a perfect addition to your golf bag.

Cost: $140 @ Hammacher Schlemmer