Digital Beverage Virtual Bartender


Bring on the drinks.

The Virtual Bartender/MyFountain by Digital Beverages is literally a complete bartender in your home. You can forget having to buy, store, separate, cleaning or returning bottles and cans. The technology in this gadget of all gadgets is equipped with a smart ordering system built-in that will make sure you’re always stocked and ready to partake or serve via it’s internet linked Windows based system.

It will dispense up-to 12 types of alcohol plus mixers in addition to water and CO2. It’s self cleaning system will clean each line with a pules of hot water and cleverly uses the last drop to plug the line ensuring drip-free service. Damn.

It’s touch screen LCD display will help you keep track of your drinks in addition to helping you concoct the next great mixed drink… or just hit beer and have a cold one.

What this means to you: Old fashioned pour. New fashioned method.

Cost: $2,575 @ Digital Beverages