O’Brien Valhalla Wakeboard


The all new for 2007 Cartel Wakeboard is summer watersports action at it’s best. With hundreds of wakeboards out there it’s tough to know what you’re getting into but the crafty engineers over at O’Brien have put all their efforts into this new wakeboard shape which combines primo composite technologies, subtle chevron design and a progressive 3-stage rocker that gives you maximum boost off the wake.

  • Abrupt 3-Stage Rocker – Aggressive POP off the wake.
  • Subtle Chevrons – Board rides higher and faster in the water.
  • Molded Fins – Outstanding tracking and stability with minimal lift or drag.
  • V-Spine – Softens landings and saves knees and backs.
  • Beveled Edges – Helps prolong the life of the board.

What this means to you: You’ll never look or feel so good behind a boat.

Cost: $290 @ The House