Heroes: Season 1

heroes_dvd.jpgGet the DVD, save the world. Get the DVD, save the world.

Ok, maybe you won’t save the world or a cheerleader while you’re at it, but you will have a stellar 1035 minutes of high intensity television to watch. Mohinder, Niki, Claire, Hiro, Nathan, Peter, Matt and Isaac are all ready to light up your screen with well paced action, editing and an enthralling premise.

The 7 disc box set is available in DVD or HD-DVD so make the most of whatever your home theatre capabilities may be. It includes the original 73 minute unaired director’s pilot, 50 deleted scenes, Making Of features, behind-the-scenes looks on the special effects, and many other featurettes.

What this means to you: Light up your home theatre with the cast of heroes and be prepared to lose an entire weekend watching it straight through. This could be the longest movie experience you’ve ever had.

DVD – $37 @ Best Buy | Amazon
HD-DVD – $80 @ Best Buy | $70 @ Amazon