MD Skincare One Step Daily Facial Pads

md_dailypads.jpgSome of you have a shaving routine and some of you don’t, but one part that’s essential to keeping your face in top order is a moisture. Post facto.

The MD Daily Facial pads do multiple duties in the shaving realm. They provide all the treatment needed from razor contact in addition to providing you the benefits of a morning facial. Best part is they’re about as easy to use as it gets. Tear open and apply. They’ll treat razor bumps, ingrown hairs, inflammation and simultaneously smooth, firm and tone. Oil free.

What this means to you: If you’re like us and keep a razor and toothbrush at work for those, ahem, long nights then these should be sitting in the same drawer. If you’re a morning gym kinda guy then make sure and keep a box of these in your bag.

Cost: $48 @ Details For Men