US Open Wilson Giant Tennis Ball

gn501b.jpgThe US Open is upon us and most likely you’re hopeful for the Nadal | Federer match up as much as we are.

Those of you who aren’t able to attend the US Open here in New York may want to pick up this awesome toy/souvenir. It’s a giant US Open Tennis ball (you can see the size difference in the photo) that’s bound to look great in your office or home. It’s been an exclusive purchase only sold at the US Open but now it’s available year-round.

The ball is covered in real tennis ball felt, it’s 9″ in diameter but you’ll need to inflate it on your own unless you’re at the Arthur Ashe complex… we know we’ll be.

What this means to you: I mean, it’s a giant tennis ball for pete’s sake. What’s not to like?

Cost: $34 @ US Open Shop