Apple iPod Touch, Classic, and Nano


The iPhone is a groundbreaking device. The iPod was an even more groundbreaking device. Throw those to into a virtual blender and you get the new iPod Touch. Long spoken about and anticipated, it’s finally here along with an updated iPod and iPod Nano for you to behold.

Like the iPhone, the new iPod Touch uses a touchscreen to allow you to navigate through it’s interface, using the same gorgeous interface as the iPhone. It’s also enabled with wi-fi to give you on-the-go YouTube and internet browsing capabilities. Available in 8gb or 16gb form with 22 hours of music (5 hours video) playback.

Interestingly, Apple’s also launched a mobile version of their iTunes store so you can buy that song you just heard playing somewhere. Right. Then. That alone is worth the price of admission.

What this means to you: It will ship this month, order yours now. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, you can buy an 8gb iPhone for two hundred less than before.

Cost: iPod Touch $300-$400, Classic $249-$349, Nano $149-$199, Shuffle $79 @ Apple