Taste of Purple Decanter


There it is. The moment where you’re out to dinner and looking through the expansive wine list wondering which one you can select that isn’t going to cost a paycheck but isn’t going to make you look cheap. Oh, here’s a decent one – hopefully she didn’t see how much it cost.

Then it comes… the wine. It’s corked, poured and you’re supposed to swirl, swish and comment. What an ordeal. For those of you who aren’t phased by the wine serving process commercial restaurants have come to so love watch you squirm through, Taste of Purple has three glasses for you (or the rest of us). They’re designed to allow wine to aerate naturally without any effort on your part.

What this means to you: We could sit here and explain how it works, but then you’d think we knew way too much about wine.

Cost: $40-$129 @ Taste of Purple