The Dux 8888

September 5, 2007 Home By


We don’t kid when we say you need this bed. It’s a serious bed with serious capabilities and excels at all of them. That 10 year old spring-bound torture chamber you’ve lugged around your past three moves doesn’t make the grade anymore. You’re a guy, you need sleep and probably don’t get enough of it so make sure the hours you do get are on something that makes you toss and turn half the night.

Starting with adjustable lumbar supports and interchangeable comfort zones (individual zones for shoulders, hips and legs) for personalized comfort the bed allows a virtually unlimited number if configurations for both yourself or your bedmate.

What this means to you: The price is no laughing matter, but a good nights sleep will never have meant so much until you’ve can say it was on a Swedish made Dux 8888.

Cost: $10,000 @ Duxiana

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