When a sports oriented vehicle company like BMW decides to make a crossover one wonders where it’s intentions will lie more heavily with. Then one wonders exactly how that vehicle is going to look, especially when the claim is to be a coupe-crossover, an even trickier mixture.

BMW’s new X6 is touted as a Sport Activity Coupe and based on the designs we can’t really give it any better title other than “Why does this vehicle look so good?”

This vehicle is the furthest thing from conservative. With a steeply raked windshidld and roofline that looks like something from a Porsche it’s designed for design and makes no compromises. Your rear seaters might have a comment or two about it though. Who cares when you’re stepping out of one of these.

What this means to you: Come early 2008 there will be no shortage of trendsetters (bona fide and not) chomping at the bit for this vehicle, but we can’t blame them.