Heavenly Sword

heavenly_sword.jpgThe much anticipated Heavenly Sword is finally out for the PS3. If you haven’t noticed the initialy roll out of games for the PS3 has been underwhelming. If you have noticed then we don’t really need to go into further detail.

Either way, if you’ve got a PS3 then make sure and pick this game up because you’ll finally get to see what that $600 black box actually can do.

Essentially a combat game, Heavenly Sword uses intelligent squad-based dyanamics paired with powerful artificial intelligence to make sure your every move is watched and countered. Multiple fighting styles provide you all kinds of manuverability and a rich experience you probably won’t expect to find in a fighting game.

What this means to you: Cinematic fighting experience using great gameplay and unrelenting action makes for one great gaming experience.

Cost: $60 @ Best Buy