Glenlivet Single Malt Archive

glenlivet_archive.jpgAged 21 years, the Glenlivet Archive is a deep, multi-layered single malt with a mellow taste. The distilling process is unique producing a limited run of exceptional casks that have matured providing you with an unparalleled flavor.

It has an almost creamy texture that can only be attained with the minimum 21 years of aging the distillers require. It’s deep amber color gives off a complex taste with a slight fruity aroma and finished rich and long.

Look past the complex description and make sure this is bottle is in your bar stock. You and those you share this scotch with will never regret the decision.

What this means to you: There are few things more comforting than sitting back with a nice single malt in your hand. Take our cue and make each of those moments a taste of 21 years.

Cost: $99 @ Wine Specialist