Ferrari Unica Home Gym

ferrari_unica.jpgIt’s tough to get your head around the idea of owning a gym based around the design of a Ferrari, but then we’d hope that if you purchased this gym you’d already have one or two actual Ferraris parked outside your home to assuage those wonderments.

Everything from the pulley detailing to the seating is swaddled in Ferrari design in a compact design that still runs the full gamut of fitness training exercises at home. 25 in total actually. All guided through a Wellness Mate computer giving you the ability to customize your workouts based on overall goal.

When the gym arrives at your door, you’ll have a key card complete with your own physical data programmed into it and the gym will connect to your computer allowing you to update your work on your home PC. We won’t go into the details of what exercises you can do on the Ferrari because they don’t vary much from what you have at your disposal at the local gym, but it is nice to see what someone out there will inevitably burn $17k on.

What this means to you: Home gyms for those that own Ferraris. Actually, we suggest you own no less than two of them in order to have one of these without verbal repercussion.

Cost: $17,434 @ Ferrari Store