Ascot Chang Archemise Shirt


Altering your clothing or having something tailored is not a cheap endeavor though the results easily outweigh the costs. The benefits of well fitted clothing are undeniable. They improve your look and comfort.

That’s good and well, but have you ever considered a custom shirt? A shirt where every cut, every seam, every stitch is custom made to fit your body. From your shoulder width to your wrist circumference, a custom shirt will literally be a patterened second skin made of the finest material. Consider the Ascot Chang Archemise shirt. It’s available with 15 different collars, fabrics from (Alumo, Thomas Mason, Albini and T.E.S.T.A.), double stitching (22 stitches per inch), French seams, rounded front pocket corners, and a fly front placket.

What this means to you: It’s the Rolls Royce of dress shirts.

Cost: $523+ @ Ascot Chang