Belisi Jet Set Jaunt Pocket Square


As a firm believer in subtle luxury, this writer always condones garrish and gaudy accessories. That said, a suit does benefit from subtle upgrades like a pocket square (so long as said pocket square does not detract from your suits well tailored lines).

The black pocket square with a silver Signature Belisi Monogram Pattern will instantly make your gray or black suit an absolute classic this Autumn/Winter with it’s luxurious and classic looks. Also, the designer pocket square has a great hand-rolled border which truly makes this a gent’s pocket square.

In case you don’t know how to fold a proper pocket square – Sam Hober has directions on how to fold the traditional flat pocket square.

What this means to you: Give that unused suit pocket a little company and make onlookers admire with a pocket square.

$23 @ Belisi