Working Guy’s Survival Kit

workingguy_survivalkit.jpgIf you think of all the stuff you’ve probably bought for the office to get you through those last minute ‘needs’ (e.g. late nights, late mornings, spilled lunches, stains, dirty laundry) then we venture to guess it wouldn’t be less than $45. And $45 is all it takes you to get an ’emergency’ kit specifically catered to keep you well-groomed and prepared.

Includes: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Lip Balm, Mints, Pain Reliever, Nail Clipper, Hair Comb, Deodorant, Facial Tissues, Lint Remover, Stain Remover, Static Guard®, Wrinkle-Free®, Mending Kit, Shoe Shine Sponge, Adhesive Bandages, Shaving Cream, Razor, and Interior Mirror

What this means to you: Go forth and be unplanned and spontaneous at those happy hours (we have to drink to make it through ours as well…). You’ll be good and ready in the morning when you walk in unkempt and disheveled.

Cost: $45 @ Ms. & Mrs.