Pangea Organics Bar Soap


Before you start reading this post, go into your bathroom and throw that bar or Irish Spring away. We’ll wait…

Done? Now go look at Pangea Organics and decide on which bar soap you want to get, here’s a few we suggest:

Malagasy Cinnamon Cassica with Cloves
Function – mind:invigorating / body:warming
Beneficial Ingredients: Cinnamon (anti-oxidant, astringent & aphrodisiac) and Cloves (antimicrobial, detoxifying & stimulating)

Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom
Function – mind:clarifying / body:smoothing
Beneficial Ingredients: Lavender (soothing, healing & relieves tension) and Cardamom (antiseptic, cleansing & invigorating)

Canadian Pine with White Sage
Function – mind:grounding / body:purifying
Beneficial Ingredients: Pine (antiseptic, elevating yet grounding) and White Sage: (antioxidant, calming & healing)

What this means to you: A bar of soap is critical in your daily cleaning. Getting one that works is even more critical. Pangea Organics should be in your bathroom. Oh and not only is the product organic, but the packaging is too so you can literally plant the box and wait for it to grow.

$8 @ Pangea Organics