Nike Amp+

nike_amp.jpgAt first we were skeptical at idea of the Nike Amp+. A device that serves as a watch and an iPod remote on one hand and also provides instant voice feedback of your time, distance, calories when teamed up with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and any set of Nike+ Ready shoes. Didn’t appear to be a very straightforward setup which we’re all about.

We were wrong.

The Nike Amp+ is simple in all ways. Its durable polyurethane strap can be cut to your exact preference for a natural, comfortable fit and it’s unexpectedly easy to understand LED displays time of day and icons for iPod® nano controls when activated by the remote. Its instant voice feedback of time, distance, calories and pace are clear and concise and the buttons are precise and easy to press when running. Of course, this one’s water resistant (up to 50 meters to be precise), just like any good watch.

What this means to you: You don’t have time to think about fiddling with your iPod or calorie counting when you’re exercising. With the Nike Amp+ you don’t have to.

Cost: $79 @ Nike | Nike+ iPod Sport Kit $29 @ Nike