Transformers 2-Disc Special Edition

transformers_dvd.jpgThe high-adrenaline movie of the summer is out on DVD for your home viewing pleasure. Action movie director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg put togeter what might arguably be the movie of the summer (at least in dollars) and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that it made us giddy like a child watching the rock em’ sock em’ blow everything to bits, CGI infused, low-brow plot line movie. Those looking for a more in-depth multi story movie need not read further.

Any fan of the TV series will be thrilled at this movie. Shia LeBeouf manages to make us rethink his status as an actor and your ladyfriends are sure to enjoy Josh Duhamel’s appearance.

Literally heart-pounding from start to finish this movie belongs in your DVD collection if not for an occasional adrenaline rush but also the fact that it’s one hell of a fun movie to watch.

What this means to you: Optimus Prime versus Megatron. Um, need we say more?

Cost: $23 @ Amazon

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie… let us grace your eyes with a freeze frame from the movie to whet your appetite.