John Allan’s Blu Pomade

johnallans_blu.jpgWe’re already hooked on John Allan’s Bodywash so it was only time before we moved on to try out some of their hair products. Blu is a lightweight water-based pomade that’s specifically designed to give your hair detail and sign. Sound to metro for you? Well, just know that it’s not heavy and gunky like other pomades but still gives you a strong flexible hold. Not to mention it washes out easy unlike many others.

Back to being metro – Blu nourishes and conditions your hair with botanical extracts of orange flower, lemongrass, lime and grapetfruit. It also moisturizes and provides shape with Lanolin.

Details For Men usage suggestion: Work a small amount through damp or dry hair.

What this means to you: The folks at John Allan’s are reknown for men’s grooming. This writer is hard pressed not to agree.

Cost: $21 @ Details For Men