Kidde Fire Extinguisher

kidde_extinguisher.jpgWith the raging firestorm in California it makes sense to reconsider your own fire safety. When is the last time you checked to see if the extinguisher in your home is up-to-spec or if you even have one. It may be the safest $50 you ever invest in.

Get a multipurpose or area specific extinguisher for your home with one of the many different models from Kidde. Seen here: (Kidde Pro210, Kidde Living Area 2A10BC, Kidde Electrical 1A10BC).

What this means to you: You won’t fight a wildfire with one of these but that’s not what they’re for. Keep an extra measure of safety at home with a Kidde extinguisher.

Cost: $17-$38 @ Lowe’s

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